Crete 2014

Crete 2014

Saki Lee, Ph.D.

I have been a licensed practitioner of East Asian medicine (acupuncture, herbal medicine, somatic therapy and qigong) since 1987, and continue to work in private practice in the Netherlands. A lot of my patients grapple with health issue around aging, and I have found that those who have psychological and spiritual resources that support their over-all well-being tend to be more resilient in facing the limitations of the physical body and health issues in latter life.

I am also an interfaith minister with many years of experience in supporting people in their search for meaning and purpose in life, as well as in helping people discover skillful ways to deal with pain, loss, grief, change, and impermanence.

My interest in offering Sacred Aging classes and retreats is to help elders move beyond fear and stress so that they may continue to discover and celebrate the sacredness, wisdom and beauty of their lives. In addition, I am keen on helping elders to connect with their natural spirituality as a source of equanimity and inner peace in facing the inevitable issues and challenges around aging in our modern times.

I was ordained as an interfaith minister in the Universal Worship through the Sufi Order International, and have been accredited as a facilitator of Conscious Aging through The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in Petaluma, California, USA.