The Gifts of Spiritual Eldering
Kissamos, CRETE
with Saki Lee

Come and join us on the unspoiled beauty of Crete’s west coast for a retreat on ageing and spirituality.
This will be a special week dedicated to highlighting and harvesting the wisdom, creativity, guidance and meaningfulness of your life’s sacred journey.

Our daily programme includes:

– healing body-mind practices (qigong and Taoist yoga)

– meditation and spiritual practices (Sufi breath, light, wazaif and zhikr)

– contemplative reflections and sharing of specific themes (see below)

– sacred music, prayers and silence

– time to relax, swim and go on mountain walks on your own or with others

This retreat will be limited to a small group of 10 – 12 participants, 50 years on up. Our past retreats included participants from Holland, Belgium, Germany, England, Ireland, Norway, and Austria.

Some of the themes included in a booklet-syllabus which participants will receive include:

* Consciously looking at unexamined, self-limiting beliefs, stereotypes and assumptions about ageing;

* Practicing self-compassion to cope more effectively with change, worry, and stresses associated with ageing;

* Recognizing and reflecting on what has given heart and meaning to your life and how this brings inspiration to becoming a wise elder;

* Enhancing connection and reducing isolation from others through open hearted sharing;

* Increasing acceptance and decreasing fear in looking at death and dying both for ourselves as well as for our loved ones.

* Exploring and practicing the importance of spirituality and ongoing daily habits to keep ourselves finely-tuned;

* Creating a new vision for the future.

…and much more.

This is a unique opportunity to give loving time and space to an important phase of life’s journey! Please register as soon as possible while there is still space! A non-refundable deposit of 250 euros is needed before you are registered and before we reserve your accommodations. The availability of space is on a first come first served basis. For more information and costs, click here.


This retreat is guided by Saki Lee, whose purpose and joy are to empower people to embody who they already are. She is has been a retreat and personal guide in the Inayati Sufi Order International since 1991, and travels extensively giving group as well as individual retreats. She has been a licensed practitioner in East Asian medicine since 1987, and has been certified as a conscious ageing facilitator through the Institute of Noetic Sciences since 2013. Saki lives in the Netherlands and gives monthly Sufi meditation and online classes. In her spare time, she works with the refugee community and organizes benefit world music concerts aimed at creating kinship and awareness of inter-connectedness through the creative arts.